The Tempest – Monmouth College

Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL.

This production was created in partnership with, and opened on the stage of Galesburg’s Orpheum Theatre  in April of 2011.

                             The Tempest Playbill                                                    Directors Notes

A note on sound for this production – The music was a part of an ongoing collaboration between Julia Andrews and Dirk Johan Stromberg. The music explored aspects of interaction and improvisation within the confines of a score. The score, in this case, is the play in the form of the director’s interpretation. The work incorporates parts of Dirk’s ongoing research in acoustics, instrument design and software design. Some of this research has manifested itself in an instrument that he has named the monoSynx, a monophonic physical modeling synthesizer. This synth incorporates a number of synthesis processes developed by the composer himself. Each of these processes are avenues to explore timbre and experiment with sonic possibilities by blurring the line of real and artificial sounds by means of artificial intelligence software and motion capture technology.

Photo Credit: Doug Rankin and Monmouth College