Waiting for the Parade – The Old Creamery Theatre

Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell.

The Old Creamery, Amana, IA.

Struggling through life at home during WWII, five women brave unique battles. Waiting for the Parade offers a rare glimpse into the effects of war on those left behind.

Starring Katie Colletta, Marija Reiff, Jackie McCall, Marquetta Senters, and Adelina Feldman-Schultz. Directed by Janeve West.

“Following the Thursday matinee performance of the Old Creamery Theatre’s “Waiting for the Parade” at the Studio Theatre, I wanted to stand up and cheer.  Indeed I did, as did the rest of the audience, for this is absolutely one of the very best plays I have seen on any stage, any where, bar none.”  

“This play quickly becomes something more than a play…”
—Emilie Hoppe with the Amana Bulletin

For fine acting, for skilled direction, for economy of presentation to convincing effect (even the stage hands are in military uniform), this is a Parade you won’t want to miss.”
Gerry Roe with the Iowa Theatre Blog.

All photographs by: Moses de los Santos