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The stories we tell, and the way we tell them….

I’d rather direct a show than do anything else.  What’s the mark of a good read-through? When the cast doubles over in laughter just a few minutes into the read, and leaves with a sense of possibility.  I’m proudly a generalist, so you’ll find that the titles below range from Theatre for Young Audiences to New Works, Mega-Musicals to Devised, gritty and dark to whimsical.  I enjoy approaching new and devised works as much as I enjoy approaching fully scripted pieces. No matter the genre, my approach is always text-focused, actor-oriented and culturally-responsive.

Above all, both the process and the product must be vibrant, thirsty…necessary.


Complete Vitae


                     *Denotes premiere   +Denotes Devised   

SPT Theatre Co., Cedar Rapids, IA (Regional Professional)

Conjure: A Cycle in Three Parts.  Workshop Production. August, 2017
*Conjure.  Staged Reading. September, 2016

The Old Creamery Theatre, Amana, IA. (Regional Equity)

Tin Woman. August 2018
Making God Laugh
.  April, 2017
Waiting for the Parade.  August, 2015

Theatre Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids, IA. 

Vinegar Tom.  March, 2017
*Look for America.  January, 2016
*”Honey Song.” October, 2014

The Omaha Theatre Company at The Rose.  Omaha, NE.

Disney’s Alladdin, Jr.  June, 2006
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  June, 2005
*The Brave Little Tailor.  January, 2005
*Pinocchio, the Musical.  September, 2004
The Bully Show.  January, 2004
Holiday Time Around the World.  December 2003, 2004
Vaudeville Memories.  September, 2003

Lubbock Community Theatre, Lubbock, TX

The Taming of the Shrew.  August, 2002

Llano Estacado Institute for the Performing Arts, Lubbock, Texas

*The Bob and Al Show. February 2002


                     *Denotes premiere  +Denotes Devised

Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA

*Conjure: A Cycle in Three Parts. (Upcoming) April 2019
*To Be The Not. (Upcoming) April 2019

Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA

*+The Drowning at Red Rock (Upcoming). May 2020
October 2018
The Rocky Horror Show.  
October, 2017
Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them.  December, 2016
*+Those that Fall.  April, 2016
Machinal.  February, 2015
*+Here and Now.  April, 2014
Cloud 9.  April, 2013

Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL

*Standing on Ceremony: the Gay Marriage Plays. A simultaneous premiere with
Tectonic Theatre Project and the Manetta Lane Theatre Company.  November, 2011
The Tempest. April, 2010
The Learned Ladies.  September, 2010
Sweeney Todd.  April, 2010
A Night at the Mercury Theatre: War of the Worlds.  March, 2009
The Shape of Things.  October, 2008
Waiting for Godot.  March, 2008
The Baltimore Waltz.  November, 2007
Woyzeck.  April, 2007
Proof.  November, 2006

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

*”Decisions of Late.” April, 2003
The Foreigner.  Assistant Director to Dr. Elizabeth Homan. November, 2002
The Baby Dance.  October, 2001
“Haiku.” April, 2001
*”Green With All The Dents.”  April, 2001



Staged Readings

Helen: Excuse for War. MATC, Milwaukee, WI.  2018.
Praying for a Hurricane. ATHE. Phoenix, AZ. 2014.
Virtue. Cornell College, IA. November, 2013.



The Buchanan Center for the Arts.  Monmouth, IL.  

*”CHOMP!”  Director and Playwright.  May, 2012
Alice in Wonderland.  May, 2010
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  May, 2009
Charlotte’s Web.  May, 2008

The Omaha Theatre Company at The Rose.  Omaha, NE. 

Annie, Jr.  August, 2005
Our Town. June, 2005
Mother Hicks. February, 2005
A Thousand Cranes.  September, 2005
Once on this Island, Jr. August, 2004
Young Playwright’s Festival.  Various Student Written Scenes.  March, 2004


Technical Experience –

Extensive experience in sound design and engineering, stage and costume construction crew.
See Vitae for details.

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